about me and my work

As an experienced horse-rider and owner myself, I understand the patience and persistence it takes to get professional imagery of these amazing animals. 

I offer a wide range of equine photography and videography services including: promotional media, photoshoots, event coverage and everything in-between!

Drop me a message for a personalised quote or see below for sample packages!




Contact Me for a Personalized Quote 


Whether you're looking for the perfect portrait, to capture a memory or even your next instagram update - I've got you covered!

Yard shoot: 

- Your horse(s) in-hand around your stable, field and arena.

Hack shoot:

- Your horse(s) on a ridden hack in the local area to your yard. Stopping off to shoot at multiple locations!


Personal Videography

Social media is a big part of many equestrians' training. I can provide professional videography catered to your platform of choice!

Lesson shoots:

- I can video a lesson/clinic/session of your choice and edit together for an upload to social media.

Music Video Style:

- A planned shoot filming your relationship and/or you riding  with your horse. To be professionally edited to music!

Promotional Content

Equine businesses come in all shapes and sizes - from self-employed farriers or horse massagers to larger scale riding-lesson or racing yards. No matter the scale, I can create unique and engaging content for your brand!

Website Imagery:

- A photoshoot of your business in action, telling the story of your company through compelling imagery. 

Promotional video:

- Every business has a story and a video showcases your history, ideology and  product in a digestable and compelling way to your target market.