why love the outdoors

I'm definitely an adventurist at heart and pride myself on trying new things whenever given the opportunity! Being outside and exploring with my camera has given me some of the best experiences in my life so far. Working with adventurous people and brands is the greatest alignment of my passions! 


what can I do for you?

I'm an experienced, adaptive filmmaker and photographer with five years of film education under my belt. I can provide promotional videography and photography suited to your platform of choice. Send me a message for a no commitment chat!

This documentary follows Alanna as she trains for the Mongol Derby 2019, dubbed "the world's longest and toughest horse race". Her average day involves backing and training young race horses, schooling her own horses and fitting in extra fitness in her spare time! In addition, Alanna shows the viewer the kit she'll take on the derby and why each item has importance. 

Tom contacted me to shoot and edit his review of the Sinnis Apache SM125. 

"My full thoughts after riding and testing the Sinnis Apache SM 125. With it being a budget supermoto retailing at £2249 and made by a Chinese company, how will it fair on the Cornish Roads?" - description from Tom's channel. 

A promotional video for Claire's photography book looking into the history of the Cornish mines and how their heritage effects the Cornish landscape today. 


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