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Photography and Videography services based in the UK

a little about me 


Hi, I'm Ellie - a professional videographer and photographer based in Cornwall, UK. 

I specialize in Adventure, Equine and Music Video content which, as I'm sure you've guessed, are my three main passions in this industry.

I love to get outdoors and capture creative and inspiring media for brands and individuals across the UK. Please click along the tabs to view my portfolio of work!

My style is observational cinematic for the majority of my projects - whereby I will often take a step back and allow space for candid-looking imagery. Recently, I've been exploring new approaches to my client work, especially with music videos, where a more stylized approach allows for imagery that provokes meaning through considered techniques. 

I enjoy travelling and working on a variety of projects and am always open to take up work across the UK. Please get in contact if you think I'm right for your next project!



"Ellie has been great, she listened to our ideas and was keen to build on them with her own flair. Throughout the process she was keen to keep us informed and was flexible to our needs. We are so happy with the end product." - Lucy from Du Glas 'I Can Buddy' Music Video

"Thank-you so much for the beautiful photos. Not only are they really imaginative (..) they are really thoughtfully composed. Even more amazing is the way you've caught the feeling I have when I look at Paul. They are really special and personal. You obviously have a really sensitive eye and loads of talent." - Becca

"I contacted Ellie to work with me on a short video project regarding a motorcycle review. This was new ground for Ellie but I would not have known if she hadn't said. Her exemplary skills and knowledge shone immediately and her professionalism allowed me to be at ease whilst she directed.

I was incredibly impressed with her attitude but what impressed me more was her video editing ability in post production. I will always have Ellie on my future projects wherever possible."

- Tom from I Like Motorbikes

My YouTube Channel

why make a channel?

Instead of narrowly focusing on the film industry as my career, I'm also exploring the option of monetizing my skills on a YouTube channel. This means that I have a lot more creative freedom and allows me to work on short form videos. For example, this channel documents my travelling adventures and my process learning new skills, film-making themed or otherwise. Each video is planned as a film-making exercise, so that I can be consistently learning despite work commitments. 

I'm really excited about this passion project, check my channel out above if you're interested!