Photography and Videography services based in the UK

a little about me 

Hi, I'm Ellie - a professional videographer and photographer based in Cornwall, UK. 

Please browse through this website to discover the different projects I'm currently getting involved with! I have a 'Clients' tab for work I can be hired for, a 'Cinematography' tab for my production credits and a 'Solo Projects' tab for my self-funded work! 

My style is observational cinematic for the majority of my projects - I like to find the story's subject and allow space for candid-looking imagery. Recently, I've been exploring new styles, especially with music videos. I'm always striving to learn new techniques and get involved with new experiences, its developing my style and skillset!

I enjoy travelling and working on a variety of projects; I have included a calendar to this page so you can see where I am in the UK! If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask, my contact details can be found below!


I am based in Cornwall (Redruth) and am there the majority of the time.  Unless otherwise stated below, please assume I'm in Cornwall! 

I'm open to travelling around the rest of the UK for clients, so have introduced a minimum fee of £150 to do so. Please view my 'Clients' tab to see what I can offer for you!

If it already looks like I'm going to be in your area, usual fees apply!

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