Photography and Videography services based in Cornwall 

a little about me 

Hi, I'm Ellie - a recently graduated filmmaker and photographer living in Cornwall. 

This website is essentially my organised brain dump of all the things I've done, am doing and dream to do. Storytelling is my passion and I explore it in many forms, from writing to photography and, of course, filmmaking. My wide array of skills, or "strings to your bow" as my dad would say, keeps my creativity thriving, and so far I'm loving exploring all the things that make me tick. 

When clients come to me with an idea that they're passionate about, I can't help but get excited. I find pride in creating projects that stand the test of time, and I'm so humbled when my work is well received. Having studied filmmaking for five years, I have the experience and qualifications to trust myself and see my vision through. 

As well as documenting others, I love to document my own life - I have an adventure blog that I hope will manifest into travel writing some day. I pine for adventure, even if it is challenging at the best of times. My most recent trip had me hiking and wild camping in Scotland's wilderness - bliss! But adventures closer to home serve well too, the Cornish coastline is incredible, and my partner and I have explored a fair chuck of it now. 

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask - my contact info can be found below!

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